PPC Campaign Management

What Does PPC Campaign Mean?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign is a platform where a business person pays a commission when users eyeball catches advertisers ad and they decide to visit that particular web page. Essentially, it is a way of inviting potential customers to your website by paying the search engines instead of struggling to improve visibility through search engine optimisation i.e. SEO

Google Adwords is one of the most well-known and best PPC model to attain higher returns on investment. Entrepreneurs need to pay particularly for those keywords which exist on their website and that matches to user’s query. For instance., you are looking for the best car driving school in India,, The person who bids for the keyword best car driving school in India, his advertisement may appear in front of you and if you decide to pay a visit to their website then only the google charges them per click.

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Paid Advertisement involves placing per click cost ads on popular search engines like GOOGLE.

Why Do We Need To Run Paid Ads?

Paid digital advertisement is among the finest ways to drive sales, encourages people to take action, increases your brand awareness among people. As per the study, only 2% of traffic obtained organically converts into a lead, rest 98% of the strength is looking for the best services/products, which you are already providing since decades but you aren’t visible when people are looking for you in organic research

Popular search engines like GOOGLE/BING?YAHOO has the policy to deliver the right information to their audience at the right time. Also Popular search engines 70 percentile revenue is through paid ads on the search engine, they give first preference to a paid advertisement than those who rank on organic research.

Comparatively Paid ads ensure reach and you can use your content defining your services or product description to increase your brand value using by targeting and acquiring more qualified leads. Paid advertisements allow you to place ads for keywords and bring your ad among visitors who are looking for products or services that your website or your store consists,

Let’s Make PPC More Presentable Through Case Study :

Our client THE MOTOR WHEELS decides to provide online car driving services to their clients. They approached us to discuss their plan and make it win. After taking them to the online platform, we faced multiple challenges like organically they were ranking on 5th page but traffic approaching them was from foreign countries, they were not able to provide what customers were actually looking for, this has resulted in the loss of future profits which they could have earned if they would have delivered the right information to the right audience at the right time.

On recommendations of Spiraling Entrepreneurs Private Limited, Director of THE MOTOR WHEELS decides to go with google adword. Now they bid for specific keywords like Best Car Diving School In Delhi, Two Wheeler Driving School in Delhi, Car And Bike Accessories In Delhi and many more, now when a user ( Let’s you are looking for car driving school ) is searching the answer for their query, they enter the same query on the search engine, that query is the keyword for you if that query is in your website., if a user decides to visit your website then only google charges you per click.

You Know Why E-Commerce Web Owners Prefer Paid Ads?

  1. Compared to organic traffic, paid ads increase the visibility of the products much faster, google lists paid keywords above organic keywords.
  2. The probability of conversion into lead/client is much more in the case of paid ads because of google responsibility of delivering the right information to the right user at the right time
  3. Paid search advertising enhances brand value when the user’s eyeball catches your tagline.
  4. E-store owners can remarket their products to the audience who are looking for products like them or to those who have visited their website the previous year.
  5. An e-store owner needs to set a bid (the amount they are willing to spend) per click/conversion, considering return on investments, the entire budget is in control of the owner.

Type Of PPC Campaign:

PPC, or pay-per-click marketing, is a marketing tool for companies searching for fast traffic gains and lead production. The secret is selecting the most appropriate path for your financial plan. Following are PPC Campaign

  • Search Ads: We have seen PPC search ads, though you might not know that is exactly what they were. The most typical sort of search advertising can be seen on Google, though Bing has it is very own also should you look for something, you are going to notice them in the top and underside of the organic search – they are recognizable by their little’Ad’ sign
  • Display ads: Display advertisements are banner ads, text or image advertisements that appear on various sites, to target specific audiences. These ads will relate to your site. They normally have a lesser impression than search advertising but can be helpful for building brand value.
  • Social Media Ads: Social networking platforms, like Facebook, can generate you more potential clients through advertisement on the social network. PPC advertising on those platforms improves your click-through rates to your site, much more possibility of a user converting into a client. Ad on social platforms enhances awareness of your company’s services. The stations may be utilized to target certain demographics and interests.
  • Remarketing Ads: Retargeting utilizes cookies on a user’s browser to show them specific ads based on their previous online activities. It is also referred to as remarketing. For example, a user who searched for holidays could see display advertisements for a travel agent’s latest bargains. Retargeting can be Applied as part of search ad camps, social media camps, search marketing camps, email marketing.

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